USCIS slipping into crisis.

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

In dealing with the government, there are two principal ways of dealing with it. One is dealing with whatever agency you are dealing with according to its rules and its systems. The other is through litigation. We all deal with the government the first way all the time. We file are taxes with the IRS using its forms, following its rules, and mailing or emailing or otherwise filing the way they say. We renew our drivers licenses or register our…

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Ten DACA issues, myths, and facts

Monday, September 4th, 2017

  1. DACA kids have been accused of everything from being gang bangers to being valedictorians. They aren’t all everything. Just kids. (The oldest DACA recipients are 36 years old). 2. DACA kids should have become citizens in all this time. Unfortunately, though it used to be, just being in the United States for a long time is not an avenue to become legal. If one entered illegally, becoming legal here through marriage to a United States citizen is not…

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In a week of expecting bad news on a lot of immigration-related fronts, changes to DACA (not yet), and the pardon of Sheriff Arpaio (happened), the one thing I did not expect was that the Ninth Circuit would resurrect Young v. Holder from the scrap heap of appellate history in Marinelarena v. Sessions. The story of this great leap backwards starts with Young in 2012. There are two main issues that frame the entire saga. The first is defining the…

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I have been trying to call the San Diego Immigration Court ((619)-557-6052) daily since my August 19, 2017, blog posting and have not gotten through. Today a colleague provided me a fix. The automated phone message when calling the immigration court instructs one to press “2” for assistance. Disregard this and press “0” an you will get through. That’s what I get for following instructions. Posted August 23, 2017.