San Diego Immigration Court telephone does not work

Saturday, August 19th, 2017
By: Jonathan MontagJ.D.

Failure to attend an immigration court hearing, if an alien has notice (or constructive notice) and is removable, leads to the issuance of a removal order in absentia. Judges have written in orders denying rescinding these orders that the alien respondent should have called the court.

I am making a public announcement here that hopefully people who could not contact the San Diego Immigration Court and ended up getting ordered removed can use to their benefit.

From August 7, 2017, until the last time I tried to call the San Diego Immigration Court, August 18, 2017, no one picks up the telephone at the San Diego immigration court.

I can assure you that if the phone in my office did not ring for eleven days, I’d notice. How managers are not noticing that phones are not being answered for eleven days is quite astonishing, but the immigration court is an astonishing place. Posted August 19, 2017.


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