Things ICE Officers used to do

Saturday, June 27th, 2009
By: Jonathan MontagJ.D.

In past years ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement, formerly INS] officers had many work responsibilities San Diego that they do not have anymore. There are more and more officers. I wonder how they keep busy with so many fewer responsibilities.  Here are ten chores they used to do that they do not do anymore. Please send me others you can think of.

1. Issue EAD’s [Employment Authorization Documents]

2. Set bonds for aliens they arrest

3. Set bonds for arriving aliens

4. Extend voluntary departure

5. Arrange transportation for attorney -client conferences with detainees

6. Arrange transportation of aliens to court hearings

7. Arrange for the  surrender of removable aliens for the issuance of NTA’s [Notices to Appear, the removal hearing charging document]

8. Issue call-in letters informing aliens with removal orders to report for removal

9. Manage detention centers

10. Accept hand-delivered travel documents to facilitate removal of those ready to go


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