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Saturday, June 20th, 2009
By: Jonathan MontagJ.D.

Answer the following questions and post your answers.  Amaze us with your knowledge. I will discuss the hard questions in future posts after you have a chance to take the test.

True or false

1. Once an alien becomes a permanent resident, her or she automatically gets to stay in the United States even if he or she commits crimes, unless the crimes are very serious in nature or endanger national security.

2. A permanent resident can bring his spouse and children to the United States without much of a wait, exacerbating the problem of chain immigration.

3. Any foreigner who successfully reaches U.S. shores and asks for asylum is immediately able to enter the country and obtain benefits  America traditionally provides those fleeing oppression.

4. An illegal alien can automatically stay in the United States if he or she marries a United States citizen which is why there are so many sham marriages.

5. The government is not allowed to deport an alien who has United States citizen children, which explains why so many illegals have children.

6. Any child who has a U.S. citizen parent automatically becomes a citizen of the United States.

7. An illegal alien can join the armed forces and the military actually seeks them as recruits, which is a way for aliens to accelerate becoming a citizen.

8. The law allows foreign workers who obtain non-immmigrant work visas to enter the United States to work for U.S. companies as long as they are paid the minimum wage of the state where they will work and the federal minimum wage, which is why many American workers lose their jobs.

9. Aliens stopped at the border, like Americans, have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney before they are questioned.

10. Under the rules of a speedy trial, an alien arrested for immigration violations must see a judge within 72 hours, can usually pay a bond to be released from detention, and cannot be detained more than 180 days while seeking relief in immigration court unless the alien himself is responsible for the delay of his trial.

Please post your answers or you can email them to me. If emailing,  please write “Blog Quiz” in the subject line.


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  1. I only (think) I know a couple. I’d be curious how some of our colleagues who style themselves and sell themselves as immigration lawyers would do on this quiz. Jeremy

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