National Customer Service Center redux

Sunday, March 9th, 2008
By: Jonathan MontagJ.D.

I recently posted a description of the uselessness of the National Customer Service Center. I described my experiences with two cases, and I-212 and an N-565. After I received my unsatisfactory response regarding the N-565, I sought another avenue for satisfaction — the American Immigration Lawyers Association inquiry program. A week after I submitted the inquiry, I got a response from a noble AILA volunteer who helps run the program. The answer, forwarded to me from the Nebraska Service Center, was that the case was already approved and had been approved before I inquired of the National Customer Service Center. The new naturalization certificate was in the mail. It seems the inquiry is what prompted someone to put the certificate in the mail. My client told me yesterday that he received it. The lesson is simple, if you lose your naturalization certificate, you can pay $380 to the government for a replacement. You will get it after a year if you are willing to spend an hour on the phone checking up and then hiring a lawyer who can access the AILA inquiry system to get the certificate made. And we should be clear — this was not an application for naturalization, this was a request to glue a photograph on a piece of paper and print in a name, a date, a birth date, and a city and mail it. Think if it took that much money effort and time to get a replacement drivers license — there would be a revolution.

As for the I-212 case, no answer.


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